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Activist, Angel or Prepper?

Where to put our focus as the world goes insane?

For all our differences in opinion about certain ‘issues’, there are a few things that many who find their way to this article will have in common:

1) An acute awareness of the vast corruption in the world

2) A belief that a world transformation is underway and things will get much worse before they get better

3) They know they are a spirit/soul first, human second.

If you’re anything like me, these aspects occupy your consciousness a great deal. Even if I’m watching a gardening channel or experimenting with growing my small garden from seed, I’m aware of the value of any skills related to self-sufficiency or disaster preparedness. Despite believing that we would come to this point, since I was 15, like many, I’ve continued to dance on the decks of the titanic instead of building a bunker. In terms of prepping, I’m probably the least prepared I’ve ever been.

You may have noticed how fast day are flying by; decisions where to put your time, focus and money have become more critical. You can’t risk big mistakes. You may be facing strange new challenges, on many levels, with less support than you are used to. You are see what is going on in the world, and don’t assume it will stay at a safe distance.

But maybe you’ve also had a spiritual renaissance. For some, you are no longer conceptualising spirituality, imagining or thinking about being a soul. You know you are a soul. And it’s so real and profound, you feel powerful, God-like and are not the least bit impressed, depressed or disturbed by changing scenes around you. In a world that is going mad, you are still eye within the storm. And you know that is the most unique and valuable contribution you can make at this time. For others who are recently exploring the inner dimensions, be comforted that is your best time to begin.

When we change, the world changes - this was one of the slogans of the Brahma Kumaris, and it was this new understanding, that shifted my focus from being an activist teenager to becoming a wanna-be yogi. I say wanna-be, because subtle misconceptions had me striving for years to be something I thought I wasn’t. Yogi, Pure, Elevated, Perfect, Angelic, Beyond Karma, God-like, became abstract aims or fleeting experiences rather than truths to be realised.

When we change the world changes. So simple, profound, and yet often forgotten. The core of activism is to act, and generally to act against something or to awaken, or educate others. For this we must have a strong sense of something being wrong, and belief that we know what is needed to fix it. Often these ill-conceived ‘solutions’ create more problems. In the world, activists can be considered heroes by some, and a self-righteous nuisance or even dangerous lunatics by others. In the BK teachings a real Yogi would probably be the ultimate non-active super-activist. As the power of silence has no equivalent.

Some of you may be aware of the work of David Hawkins, and his scale of consciousness.

I believe that Raja Yoga as taught by the Brahma Kumaris has the potential to create a very high state of consciousness, if understood properly. That is kind of energy that collectively will create a new age.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or have never tried it. This short commentary is an example of what I listen to daily to re-focus. The speaker is my good friend Anna Dolliani. She has been doing these commentaries live every day, often twice a day for over 10 years. This is from the group skype call she made just now, as I was writing. This is really the essence of the inner work that The Department of Silence wishes to promote and the last few sentences especially capture the spirit of mutual exchange that I wish to promote here.

When we consider activism, it is important for all of us to remember, that we are all connected. Just as quantum mechanics is demonstrating the physical connectedness of everything and the effects of consciousness on matter

As souls, non-physical beings, we are also all connected, there is no distance in the spiritual dimensions. We are not all one being, but we do have the same essence and we do profoundly affect each other. We can see this on a local level, when we change our consciousness, everything starts to change in our lives. But also on a wider invisible level. As we look at the evil doers, the self-centred, the egoist, the parasites, we are looking at ourselves. Even if we only have homeopathic levels of greed, we are wasting our time throwing stones at ‘sinners’ expecting others to change.

It is still the most powerful non-action of all, to vibrate from a level of truth, where we can no longer express these vices even in thought. And this is the fundamental philosophy of the bk’s. To change the world from the inside out.

I was a conspiracy ‘nut’ for at least 10 years. Went down every rabbit hole, consuming it all, as people devour episodes of Games of Thrones, morbidly curious, waiting for what’s next. And with all the ego and excitement of ‘knowing truths’ that others couldn’t see, I drove friends and family away with my obsessive interpretations of world events.

This was until shortly after the Corona fiasco began. Up till then it had been more like figuring out a vast puzzle but not effecting me personally. After Covid when I saw ‘my’ life and future affected, Jacinda Arden’s became the focus of my fear of loss. I was so bothered at what she was doing and planning to, (which all came true so far), that I was constantly bitching about her to everyone around me.

It was when a brother (Golo!) pulled me aside, and told me that it was ridiculous that a mature yogi, was getting so emotional about a politician half the world away. That, plus a growing love of silence, a renewed awareness of its power, and the desire to figure out what my true contribution could be during these times, made me abruptly pull back from over-consuming news and views.

However, as many of you know, once you see certain things, you can’t un-see them. Especially as you see the predictions of ‘conspiracy theorists’ come true over and over. And honestly, given the mounting proof of just how deadly and dangerous these vaccines are, and the medical apartheid coming to some places, which is self-evident, I sometimes wonder if I should have done more to convince people not to take it.

I added this video to the last post, after a reader suggested it. Up till now, it’s one of the most compelling, convincing and clear explanations from an ordinary, but brave funeral director who saw exactly what is going on. He says clearly that until the jabs started, death numbers were lower than usual and no matter what age or other health issues were involved, the deceased was labelled C19. After the jabs started, that’s when he saw death numbers increasing like never before. These were covered by naming it a wave or Delta variant, flaming the fears of the undiscerning public. He asked relatives of the deceased if they had the jab, and they all had, but none had made the connection. Now people are making the connection.

A few days ago, a New Zealand mainstream newspaper published an article trying to warn people of the harm done by conspiracy nuts, who are threatening the roll out of the jabs here. Within two hours the comments section was full of very convincing testimonies of death, pain and injury from regular people. After which they closed it down. This just a tiny fraction of what was written in those few hours.

Jacinta Ardern (no bad feelings sister!  ) also published this below, and got 8000 comments within a few hours with similar stories, many which were deleted immediately. I am also personally hearing of so many deaths and injuries from people I know.

Another great video which has been making the rounds, which brings up some of the moral and ethical issues of standing by, (no matter what you think about Covid) and watching people die from being literally shut out of society. (click or copy and paste the link if it doesn't work, as I can't insert a rumble video).

I in the video Ezra Levant asks: “If you had been in Germany in 1936, would you have been like this man — the one man in a crowd refusing to salute the Nazis?

"We all like to think we’d be that guy. But how many of us have done anything — even a tiny thing — in the past 18 months to stop our slide into authoritarianism? What do you think? Are you a conformist? Or worse — would you actually participate in evil, if someone in authority told you it was OK?”

This is why the Covid Mandates in BK Centres are such a critical turning point. And yes they are real and no, not just in India. I have spoken personally with those who have been forced to take the jab or leave. And others who are no longer able to attend their local centres.

Its one thing to warn the spiritually minded of the distraction of spending all our time on line collecting ever more clues to the malevolent plots around us, and especially of identifying with them to the point of becoming emotional, disturbed, egoistic zealots. I have seen the rise of people identifying as ‘pure bloods – the un-jabbed’. And this is just as dangerous as being a proud rule follower.

However, spiritual minded, doesn’t mean suicidal idiots, who are complicit with evil, by risking their brothers and sisters health and lives, under the justification that ‘service first – business as usual’ – and Baba/God will protect anyway.

Many of you reading this, will be well aware of the guarantee offered in the teachings of the BK’s, that if you follow the directions of Baba, he will take responsibility for the outcome. With Brahma Baba no longer with us physically, does this principle apply to the current leadership. Has Sister Mohini the current in charge, received trance messages which we should all be aware of.

I have heard rumours of the vaccines in some countries being benign. If the final war, is one of the psychopathic elite and their cronies, against the rest of us; there are going to be heroes and counter manoeuvres which none of us are aware of. Why I would have probably trusted Brahma Baba with my life, but not all the current BK leadership, is because even when it came to worldly issues, I know he was wise enough to take council from difference sources. When I hear of the decision makers amongst the BK’s getting ‘emotional’ when presented with alternative views of these crucial issues, and accusing the jab reluctant of being conspiracy theorists I cannot longer take their leadership seriously.

Now, obviously, I hope, that if the BK leadership in charge, did actually see the jab as genocide, there would be an immediately re-thinking of strategy moving forward. Perhaps closing the centres to all public, downsizing, with service taking place on line, and regular bk’s being considered family members. There is no mandate for families to be jabbed against each other.

If it was my local centre, would I be getting lawyers involved or sending them notice of their illegal actions? This was one of the suggestions contributed in the comments of the Mandate article. And his motive, I believe, was not rebellion, but an attempt to awaken the organisation from its mass psychosis.

At this point, apart from sharing like this, and having genuine good wishes for all my BK and non BK friends and family to be well, to make the right decisions, and to flourish spiritually, I’m not looking for a battle. Like many, I am grateful for the countless gifts I received in this life so far from the Brahma Kumaris. If they want to stay open at all costs, for others to receive those gifts, I’m reluctant to stomp my feet. As Jim F mentioned in the comments section: “Nowadays the Yagya itself is not under threat and anyway the Confluence Age has nearly run its course. So it comes down to individual choice as well as our own conscience”.

Many believe that for unity within the BK’s we have to go beyond our personal opinions, and I get that, I probably look very opinionated, divisive, and unenlightened. Being away from the BK’s must also have damaged my credentials to speak up. However, in a family, making decisions which effect the well-being of its members, I do think there is a role for expressing one’s opinion’s, even about deadly jabs without being too deadly serious. It is fake unity to keep quiet in fear of rocking the boat, and looking stupid, just as it is fake unity to insist on business as usual, without ‘duty of care’ for those practically committed to BK’s but who see things differently.

However, when all is said and done, ultimately I do believe the power of silence is the answer. It is the key on every level. The seed stage which evaporates everything alien to the soul, works on the collective like words never will.

However, from that silence, it is also possible that individuals may receive promptings to act within the drama. I have received news from within the wider BK community, that some have been studying healing and are ready to help those in need, especially those who may be facing the consequences of their vaccine decisions.

From what I have also been studying in the last few years, I am confident that nothing is a certain death sentence when soul power steps up to the plate. More on this topic to follow.

For those of us who, judging by the general lack of response or support from the last article, are an enthusiastic minority, it could be of benefit to be more closely connected, to share information, and also possibly be of practical help to each other. With normal support networks being reduced, it is possible that we have among ourselves, the knowledge, resources and opportunities to be supportive of each other and the wider community in many ways, as we head into the home stretch. Especially given that people who are questioning authority may face harsh consequences. Some have already mentioned making their homes safe places for the non-jabbed. I hope it doesn’t come to this, but ….

Someone else has told me they are planning to sell up and move from the city to the country-side, and I think it’s a reasonable response to the times, to be thinking about where we want to be, who might be able to join us, and how to best prepare for the ‘shit hitting the fan’. If the vibrations of yogis are as precious as we believe, then keeping ourselves healthy in our bodies, as long as we can is a subject worth consideration.

If you are interested in joining a private Facebook group to keep in touch, please join here

Plus I would like to remind you, that if you are interested in staying in touch here, then either sign up for the blog, (this will mean getting notifications of all comments) or sign up for the newsletter, where I will just keep you updated about new articles, podcasts and in the future videos. I am planning to start regular interviews to grow the conversation further. You can sign up for the YouTube channel at the link inside the video section of this website.

So, in conclusion, where to put our energy - activism, silence or prepping?

Of course, silence first, it has to be at the centre, otherwise all our thoughts, words and activities will carry the seeds of ego, fear and confusion. However silence doesn’t always mean staying silent. But yeah, sometimes it does!

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