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Help me help you

Hey, thanks for coming over to this page!  

I believe its time for silence to take centre stage

in all our lives, personal and professional.


silence is life changing.

but Since no one can sell silence :-)


there are other ways you can support me to support you.  


You are welcome to contribute to keep The Department of Silence website, channels and projects growing through 'Buy me a Coffee' or Patreon.


All supporters big or small will get access to a free electronic copy of my book (The Brutifully Honest Memoirs of a Spiritual Hypergamist)

when its finished!  

(First five chapters available, by clicking on the box below)

If you love SILENCE and want to help grow the movement - get in touch with your suggestions or offers. 


You can also employ my services as a writer, designer, speaker, facilitator, voice artist or coach.  

I'm also open to barter - lets talk.  

Click on any of the options below to find out more.  


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