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these are some projects that the department of silence would love to work on.  the posters represent the first basic concepts. but I think all of them could be beneficial, interesting, fun, creative activities to be involved with.

I tend to be an ideas person, and overestimate what one person can do.  But I sincerely hope that the department grows into a movement with many people collaborating

with any of these projects - if you feel inspired to collaborate or contribute in any way - get in touch.



the famous last words project

Poster for  the - The Famous Last Words Project - Collecting wisdom - SID talks

these lovely faces, are just a few of my facebook friends who I'd like to have in the project and there's many more, and hopefully then, friends of friends and on it goes.


I don't think any of my friends have never done a TED talk. yet I know all of them have ideas worth sharing, and all of them have a soulful approach to living which inspires those around them.  I would love to introduce the world to the best of the best.  20 minutes of juice they have extracted from their time on earth so far.

I know the title of the project may seem a tad morbid. but I think most of us have lost people we know in recent times, and its been a chance for many of us go deeper and become get clearer about who we are and what its all about.


so... maybe its a good time to start collecting a bit of collective wisdom honed by the challenges of life on earth.




Poster for the Drishti Projrect

random acts of silence

Poster for Random Acts of Silence Project
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