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The Brahma Kumaris Covid Jab Mandates - are they ethical – and does it matter?

New evidence is coming to light that the vaccines are more dangerous than we may have thought. Should the Brahma Kumaris re-think their policies around enforcing it?

For those of you who don’t know the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, they are a mainly women led spiritual organization, with their headquarters in Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India and centers all over India and the world. I came across them in my hometown in Christchurch, New Zealand when I was 17, and dedicated about 25 years of my life, practicing Raja Yoga Meditation and volunteering with them around the world.

With such a large organization serving through its centers and retreat centers all over the world, it’s not surprising they have decided to follow whatever protocol their governments are requesting. The organization which operates as a charity in most countries, has over a million regular students in over 100 countries, and in an increasingly regulated world, this takes a lot of administrative, financial, and legal know-how. Plus, especially in India, a good relationship with the police can be useful.

However, for a group with quite a radical world view, many of their leaders, known as Administrative Heads, are quite mainstream in their attitudes toward health. Most of the group are from Indian backgrounds, and Indians generally grant western allopathic medicine and doctors a sort of divine status.

Many have no idea about the history of how allopathic medicine and big pharmaceutical companies with governmental cooperation, have suppressed, even outlawed the use alternative treatments which have proved their effectiveness over thousands of years. They have made themselves extremely rich peddling snake oil with terrible side-effects. There are literally 100’s of successful cancer treatments which do not involve radiation and chemotherapy, but fear and ignorance lead most to pin their hopes on these poisons.

(let me know if you want more info about alternative cancer treatments).

Many believe that FDA approved, or approved by your government means it must be safe. Let’s see what is really going on in these organizations.

I know some people really don't like Russell Brand, but I couldn't find anyone else explaining the issues as clearly as him. So, if you can try to ignore his voice and manners, and just focus on the content I promise it is eye opening.

What has been going for years, especially lately is a sort of medical colonialism, with such universally efficient propaganda, as to make people questioning it to be humiliated and threatened from every direction.

During Gates 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for drug makers”

Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practises as “ruthless” and immoral”.

In 2010, Gates committed $ 10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”.

Now many will argue that this is obviously just a slip of the tongue, and I’m being paranoid. After all Bill Gates is a genius philanthropist visionary who is saving the world, right? You heard about it on TV so it must be. TV and controlled search engines are where 99% of people including Brahma Kumaris’s get their information.

Anyone who does independent research, is labelled conspiracy theorist who by definition operates with confirmation bias 100% of the time and who believes everything they hear. Conspiracy Theorist was once used as a half-friendly insult for that wierd uncle who questioned the moon landings or the shape of the earth, but now means a right-wing radical who is a public nuisance and deserves to be put in prison for crimes against humanity. I’m not joking. Recently I have had ‘friends’ express their clear opinion, that anyone who doesn’t agree to have the vaccine, deserves to be banished from society. I don’t even bother pointing out how history repeats.

People consider this to be an outrageously inappropriate comparison.

But with vaccine passports already in many countries and on the way to others (including the one I live in), if I choose to not be jabbed, I will be socially isolated, may not be able to work or get a home. This has already happened in other western countries and with headlines of ‘this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated’ making the newspapers, the ‘non-jabbed’ are being set up to be blamed for every new strain and for being super spreaders. No one is allowed to question the science behind their terrifying accusations.

Those who question the mainstream narrative that we are all threatened by a deadly virus and the only way to get back our freedoms, health, and economy is to take a triple jab, (or any number of boosters) are de-platformed, demonetized and demonised.

Even though Israel is the highest vaccinated countries and they still have the highest rate of covid cases which are proving more deadly in the vaccinated. .

Even though news of side effects is becoming common place.

Even though reputable doctors and scientists are putting their careers and maybe lives on the line, to promote alternative treatments which they have seen work, whilst mainstream media attacks anyone who recovers using those treatments.

and with whistleblowers, like this funeral direction from the UK who has being on the so called front line from the beginning coming out revelling shocking information.

You are still seen as stupid, crazy and irresponsible for asking questions.

In this short video, you will see that opposition to Covid Mandates may considered a terrorist act in the near future.

You can find alternative points of views about the pandemic only after getting though the first 10 pages of mainstream opinions boosted by YouTube, and even then you are assaulted with warnings of fake-news and links to government safe websites.

The people in power enforce isolation inducing, slave mentality inducing masks and social distancing. There is plenty of evidence of the health risks of masks, and the dubious protection of wearing them, but there is zero chance to discuss this with the decision makers. Did we forget that the brain needs oxygen to work, as we force 2.5 year olds to mask up all day at pre-school. Though the ones dishing out or supporting these rules aren’t so keen on following them. Somehow they don’t seem very afraid.

The governments aren’t mandating the vaccine for themselves, but for others.

Maybe you've noticed that many nurses and doctors who served during the whole pandemic are protesting the vaccine mandates and are willing to quit their jobs. They have been the ones seeing what is going on up close, and they are not quitting because they are exhausted from covid work, as mainstream media would tell you, but because they are faced with an ethical dilemma and they either don’t trust the vaccine or don’t trust people who give you no choice, especially after they risked their lives in hospitals for all this time.

The video below which is newly released, shows staff in a US hospital talking clearly about what is going and what are they are seeing from the vaccine roll outs. I personally know people who have had severe reactions to the jab, within a few weeks. But I had heard and seen evidence of many many more cases, and of careless reporting processes which take 1.5 hours to complete, putting the staff off from doing it. This is mentioned in the short video below. Please take the time to watch. It is important.

The Brahma Kumaris have been actively promoting the vaccines to their members through their main tv channels.

By the way this doctor, replied to me via youtube saying that the vaccine weren’t satwick/'kosher', so the BK’s are not promoting it any more. Not sure the latest on this.

If you phone your national informational centre for the vaccine and ask about the ingredients you will not get any information. But many sources indicate there are ingredients that are extremely suspicious.

The Brahma Kumari’s are also mandating vaccines for those living in centres and retreat centres in India and around the world in various places, and in many places, this applies to those visit the centres too. There are a lot of leadership levels involved in these decisions, and I don’t know the details of exactly how this may be effecting the lives of BK members in those places. Or if blind eyes are turned when it comes to the actually implementing of mandates.

But essentially a decision to mandate vaccines for those in or attending the centres means even a long term committed member, those may have funded the centre, or maybe be living in the centre themselves with few other life options, they have to take this jab or else be ousted from their centre. They may be close students who have moved to live near a centre and have no other family or social circle outside the centre. And some of them may be well aware of other side of the vaccine picture and be reluctant to go along with the mandate. So, I think this is worth having a little conversation about, don’t you? Even if just to maintain unity by understanding each other.

I can’t claim to know what is really going on in the Brahma Kumaris (BK) world or the wider world and I’m really trying to focus on contributing silence power into the world, rather than debate what is going on, on the world stage. And I’m guessing that a lot of serious BK’s are thinking the same.

However, BK centres and teachers are in a position to have a strong influence on others’ lives, either through pushing the vaccine, or by cutting someone off from their bk support networks. So if you are in the position of such power it might be useful to keep an open mind, do your research from different points of view, including legal implications for enforcing medical mandates and displacing volunteers.

That research has to be unbiased, immune from political preferences, and focused on evidence of efficient alternatives to boost immunity or treatments in case of covid. Plus, be willing to at least genuinely explore the possibility that these vaccines, at best may be somewhat risky, at worst, a short or long term deliberate population reducing death shot.

That is a big ask for many people, who have already made up their minds about the issue. I never say never. I watched this video of a woman who had had a reaction to the covid jab which created bal palsy in her. It doesn’t look like fake news to me. And she claims she would still have it again, if she had to, because otherwise she can’t see anyone.

I know people who have been as suspicious as I am about the vaccines but have still taken them. Without it they can’t play their role in the lives of their families, or communities. And I think that is reasonable risk for some people to choose to take it. Obviously not everyone is having instant side effects, and as an astute BK teacher pointed out 'In the end, it depends ones karma if it effects them'. If we consider ourselves spiritually advanced on some level, we can’t dismiss the possibility, that our souls destiny and vibration or yoga power, could eliminate any risk, and hey, if you go, you go. Whether from Covid 19 or a Covid 19 jab. It’s only a body, you’re a soul.

For me, I would like the option of moving to Australia, and possibility helping in a BK retreat place, or moving to Mt Abu, where there is a place for me to stay. But a lot of this is down to whether or not I take the vaccine. For now, I don’t have to decide, as other factors keep me new Zealand bound. I plan to wait as long as I can, to see what happens next. I would like to think, that if I get the strong inner inspiration to take the jab and fly somewhere for a useful purpose, that I will protected from harm. For now I am not compelled and grateful for that. My local bk centre is pro-choice and I appreciate that.

For BK’s who are upholding the vaccine mandates for their centres. In the bigger picture, yes, it is all karma. Where you are born, the options you have, the particular vaccine you get, and how your body handles it, and a million other unseeable influences from the personal and collective. And I get that you may believe that your soul can delete the effects of any poison too. And belief is a kind of magic.

But if we come down to earth, where there are physical bk centres, then maybe ethics do come in to it. If someone at a retreat centre took their double jab, as commanded by BK’s (just following orders) and had a medical incident, which is not being covered by the vaccine producing companies, this might fall to the centre.

Governments don’t even seem to be collecting the data regarding side effects, let alone publishing the findings, so I don’t think they are going to pick up the damage, so the BK’s or employees who enforce what may prove to be illegal mandates, may be ethically or even legally responsible for not doing their due-diligence about the risks involved. Perhaps someone might be able to sue the bk’s for this in the future.

Many, maybe most bks up to now, truly accept that the government, health agencies and big pharma and all their carefully chosen scientists and doctors know what is best for us and the mainstream media which report their views and instructions are also trying to protect us. These BK’s would consider that they are truly doing the right things for protecting themselves and others, and to keep the centres going. That is a kind of innocence through ignorance.

There might be others who are more suspicious of the governments and their agendas, especially as the BK knowledge talks clearly that we are living the tail end of Kali Yug – the Age of Death and that the governments belongs to Ravan (a Hindu devil which to the BK’s symbolises the vices). They also believe that the world population is about to be reduced in the near future. But they may still choose to take the path of least resistance, after all it’s a government mandate, so we have no choice right? Plus no jab, not centre, no centre no service, no service - no donations, no food, no survival. Plus Atma (soul) is more powerful that (Atom) matter, so just don’t give it too much waste thoughts.

Yes, at the end of Kaliyug Ravan’s government is truly squeezing us into corners in so many ways. And let alone take a jab, none of us know what challenges may lie ahead. No matter what we choose to do now, at some point in this story, we may have all ‘rights’ or ‘freedoms’ removed from us, by human or natural means. The BK’s have never been on a mission to fight against the old world. But rather to help vibrate the world to another level through the power of silence and yoga.

Maybe the only truth can we can be sure of, is the existence of the self, and God. And the power of both are greater than any dramas going in the 3d matrix world. So, I get that there are many perspectives to look at this situation in. And none of them require us to get our sari’s in a twist. We should stay chilled and take life as it comes ultimately.

However before I finish, let me show you a picture I saw today.

This beach was closed due to Covid, in the middle of a hot summer day in Capetown. The meditator knew the fresh air and sun were what his body really needed. He went into deep meditation, meanwhile protests and police were all around, trying to get his attention. After an incredible inner experience, when he finally opened his eyes, the police were gone and everyone was on the beach or swimming in a relaxed manner.

When I see bk’s in fear of virus, or fearful of police and governments, a fear which requires enforcing a mandate which can create a medical apartheid within the BK community. And doing so, without really considering all sides of the stories, well, I can’t judge. As I said, the BK mission is not to fight the old world, but to manifest a new one through yoga power. And in the bigger picture, who knows what is right and wrong. And what role ethics play in these complicated scenarios. And what is each ones karma.

But I just wonder what would happen if more of us did stand up to the bullies, if we did put the BK family first and use yoga power and intelligence to protect ourselves instead of chemicals and obeying arbitrary rules.

Mama the first head of the Brahma Kumaris’s argued as a teenager in the courts of Sind, (now in Pakistan) for the rights of women in the group. And she won. Where is her lioness spirit now, where are the truth seekers? Perhaps they have given up or perhaps they are just giving zero energy to the state of the world and insignificant details of the matrix, and giving all attention to the inner world, as their ultimate gift to the world.

I would love to know what you think about this issue, how you see it? Let me know in the comment section below.

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