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Waiting 35 years for Armageddon – living in a Doomsday Cult – The Effect on my Consciousness

Forgive me for the attention-grabbing headline, though from an outsider’s perspective. It’s true enough, but that’s not really how I see it.

Like many who were teenagers in the 80’s cold war, nuclear destruction, mushroom clouds hiding the sun, destroying crops, and causing radiation poisoning and famine weren’t implausible. We were repeatedly reminded that we had enough bombs to destroy the earth 1000’s of times. I had this poster on my bedroom wall as did many youth of the day.

Some of you may remember the graphic novel from that time – When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs, where an old couple die in their home from radiation poisoning. It was also made into a film.

The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was well within our parents’ time. When asked by my English high school teacher to speculate on where I would be in life in 20 years, at age 35, I wrote that I doubted the world as we know would exist at that point. I also had rather prophetically pondered that if the world was still around, I would probably be a member of a group like the Hari Krishna or else be a world travelling businessperson of some kind.

Two years later I joined the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Among their teachings was the idea of cyclical time. This was certainly not unique to the Brahma Kumaris, or BK’s as I will call them for short from now on. The Aztecs, Hindus, Jains, Native American Tribes, the Stoics, Buddhists and Sikh, and probably many others viewed time as cyclical in nature. Astrology also indicates that the world moves through different constellations and that we have recently entered the Age of Aquarius and will do so again and again.

Different groups speculate on the length of this cycle of time. But the important factor for our discussion, was in order to move from the end of one cycle, Kaliyuga, the Age of Death, into Satyuga, the age of truth, the world as we know it, would have to end, most of the population would have to exit, and all signs of our current epoch be wiped out of the existence.

Hence the title Doomsday cult!

Although this sounds horrific, another important tenet of the bk’s is that earth is not our true soul home. Something akin to Nirvana, a dimension of silent light, beyond even the vibration of thought, is the place we came from and return to, not between lives, but between cycles. So, this massive clearing of the planet, is not the death of souls, it was simply a great reset. The stage and all the props and costumes would be cleared, a small group would guarantee some sort of transition, and then we would start descending back into bodies to play our parts on the world stage again. Each at our time. But once we came down, it’s a one-way ticket, we would just change costumes again and again until the grand finale (coming soon) when every soul present on the stage heads back home.

A friend recently sent me this clip from Rich Roll, where a doctor who bought back many people from clinical death within his career, remarked how similar their experience was. I think it’s particularly relevant for our discussion here.

It seems all the major religion have prophesied this grand finale, featuring famine, and plagues, great revelations and judgements of mankind. And with all the recent news of doom and gloom, plagues, wildfires and flooding, I think Armageddon, kiyamet, the end of the world, doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched as some would think.

Doubters say, but there has always been hard times, wars and plagues and famines, and yes, people have been waiting for the return of messiahs and end days for centuries. I’m not really here to argue if and when such an end of times scenario will play out. But to explore the effect that belief has had on my consciousness, and to ask you to reflect on what you think about the whole topic. In the least, I think everyone is aware that we need a radical change, that we can’t go on as we are.

Among the prominent ideas of what these changes might look like. The globalist elite have offered us their idea of the great reset. AI will guide us, and maybe is already the mastermind behind the roll out of the agendas to crash economies, turn everyone in the health threats, and have everyone digitality ID'd. With a cashless society, and social credit scores the Agenda 30, looks like a communist manifesto, where we will own nothing but be happy.

A small elite group who consume more resources than most of us put together, will nevertheless use 'climate crisis and health crisis' to curtail all the freedoms we have taken for granted up to now.

We will be guilted into believing we made this mess, and now we must clean it up.

With digital id and currencies, it will be super easy for the government to simply paralyze dissident’s ability to operate.

So, this is one version of change, offered up the elite masked in UN sustainability goals. With bike tracks built everywhere, and sustainability, carbon reducing rules governing our lives, many will believe this is the way for humanity to survive. We all have to cut back and pay the price for our previous gluttony. We have to be a team of 8 billion, with one code, one ring to rule them all. To freedom loving individuals, this sounds like a dystopian nightmare.

If where we put our energy and attention helps to manifest certain realties, it seems that a small group of elites, have put a lot of time, money, energy creativity, manpower into the factors that create this sort of dystopian future, where the world is so restricted, and resources are so rationed, that we find our freedom in the metaverse, were we can be anything, as long we comply with our masters.

The other vision of change is that of the New Agers and. Interestingly also the Q Anon type swamp destroying nationalists, who believe that patriots in each country need to reclaim the power and make their countries great again. They believe that there is secret technology for free energy, healing, that has been suppressed by big pharma, big tech, and that with the psychopathic elite out of the way, the peace-loving majority left behind will use the world’s resources, perhaps decentralized to make best decisions. I include new agers in this vision, because although they may have different political perspectives, or none, the basic idea is that the new age is an improved version of what we already have. A world of harmony, health, where we get along and get back to a more natural free way of life.

There are also those who believe that the Galactic Federation of good aliens who have been watching our progress on earth, may intervene to help. Some believe they are the ones who have the technology to bring earth back from disaster. Such beliefs generally include bad aliens, i.e., the Reptilians and Grays s who work with the psychopathic elite to enslave the planet.

Others believe that those who have vibrated out of 3D into 5D will incarnate to another planet or dimension leaving the lower levelled in consciousness to hang about in human hell, a hell which might consist of being blasted back into the stone ages.

There are so many versions of what this huge change in our near future could entail. And maybe all of it has some truth to it. There might be periods of total government control, periods of chaos, periods of peace, periods of revelations and periods of spiritual awakening for the planet. We may even see aliens on earth, if the last government admissions are anything to go by.

But for the visions of the future, it is still the bk version, which is perhaps the most dramatic, but rings the truest to me.

What people fail to realize when they imagine this world to be a new improved version, even a radically new version, with decentralized finance, all the criminal elite removed, affordable healthcare, housing for all, etc. Is that every human and every human system on earth today is corrupt to the core.

I know that sounds extreme. Yes, the planet has been dramatically polluted in the last century, since industrialization and technology revolutions. But the trauma of rape, murder, war, enslavement has been passed through our DNA, or our collective consciousness for millennia. Our airwave and water polluted, earth has been stripped and our environment filled with plastics, and waste. Every aspect of society, from medicinal, financial, educational, housing, culture, is filled with falsehood, selfishness, and corruption. We have been dumbed down, poisoned, and robbed for so long. But perhaps the biggest form of corruption, which I believe dates back to the myth of the ‘fall’, symbolic of a fall of consciousness from which we have yet to recover. The awareness that we are soul have human experiences was once normal, it is now something to be denied and ridiculed by mainstream.

Yes, I know there are amazing ways fungi are cleaning oil spills, and good people coming up with alternative ways to be healthy, wealthy, green living and smarter. That people are turning towards spiritual practices.

But it’s too little, too late. It’s like farting against the tornado of time.

I have believed this for a very long time. And how has such a believe effected my consciousness, and behaviors?

Of course, a psychologist will probably assess, that living with such a world view, creates a defeatist attitude in which I no longer invest in my own or others future, because I don’t believe there is a future.

There is a number of bk’s who wished they had invested more energy into their education or careers, or retirement funds, because whilst preparing themselves spiritually for a whole new world, their personal present practical world was neglected and now the find themselves in compromised living situations. They didn’t expect to still be here.

Others managed to combine their spiritual and worldly lives with more foresight perhaps.

I distanced myself from the bks for some years. Partly because I was bored and wanted to experience more freedom in the world, that a committed bk lifestyle allowed me. Also, because I wanted to explore all the philosophies and approaches to the big questions of life that the world offered. And I did so with a very open mind. Even now, I don’t know how some of the bk concepts match up with some of the archeological aspects of the ancient world discoveries.

But the essence of the bk philosophy towards the question of ‘the end of times, and creation of a new world, what we should do to be prepare for both for me is the most profound and practical.

David Hawkins, who published his famous scale of consciousness, in which he measured the resonance of most famous books, gurus, holy places, concepts, teachers and more, put

the Bhagwad Gita and in some versions Raja Yoga right at the top. 1000 was the highest level of anything on the human plane. With Christ, Buddha and Krishna being alone at the top. Over 900 there are hardly any people or books, but The Gita and Raja Yoga were.

This is because the main practice is that of soul consciousness, recognizing that you are an eternally pure godlike being of light as a fundamental truth, and by default also recognizing that the physical world is only a stage we play out parts on, and our bodies, temporary costumes, this enables the self to experience the profound silence of the self and god. There is no need to think or worry about the physical world. Yes, you can act in, and on it, but it’s not the primary reality.

That’s a super quick version, but if such a consciousness creates a high frequency as Hawkins says. What is the result of such a high frequency?

Well, since all souls are connected in a form of internet like subtlety network, then as I upload such a vibration, there must be an effect on others in some way. This has been measured in the form of the meditation experiments run by the TM group, which resulted in a lowering of violent crime around the US.

Dawkins stated the same when he said:

• One person at 700 counterbalances 70 million people below 200 which is most the world

• One person at 600 counterbalances 10 million people below 200

• One person at 500 counterbalances 750,000 below 200

• One person at 300 counterbalances 90,000 below 200

• One person at 1,000 counterbalances the collective negativity of all mankind

I often think about it in this way. If you have ever fasted, you will know that what happens after a few days, is your body starts producing systems of detox, such as bad breath, pimples, running noses. This happens, because freed from the energy sapping job of digestion, the body can dedicate all its resources to a clean out instead.

This is only my pet theory, but I sometimes wonder if the result of a collective building up of spiritual energy, as souls begin to awaken to their own truth and the illusion of the matrix world, that that energy diverted away from holding up to the matrix and is then used to clean up the earth, in a planetary detox. All the dirt rises to the surface, perhaps in the form of corruption going to the extreme and being revealed, but also in the earth itself releasing its wild side. Although we could blame the destruction of the planet, on the people, the stars, the climate, the pole shifts, the ring of fire, whatever elements may be involved in clearing the world stage perhaps it is triggered by us. Afterall, from a spiritual perspective, it is all about us, not about the planet. The planet is just a stage, a holographic projection of our collective consciousness or some suggest a computer simulation. And it seems to have been recycled many many times.

I recently watched a video about Atlantis which some believe has finally been found in Mauritania, it’s pretty convincing.

What struck me when watching it, was the dramatic climate change which has proven to have taken place in the area. The bedrock was literally removed by earthquakes and floods and the previous green oasis is now a barren desert. This has happened over and over and there is also proof of Antarctica being green many times before. So dramatic climate change and pole shifts are a regular normal occurrence on earth, civilizations have been completely removed from the face of the earth many times. And that’s what I think we are due for.

It’s not the death of souls, it’s a reset of humanity. A clearing of the stage, for a really new world to be established. Of course, for the sake of human continuity there must be a cross over, and who knows what and how present technology may be transferred. I’m not interested in the details of the transformation for this article. But I am interested in contributing my energy into this vortex/detox/collective higher consciousness.

Interesting that there is a statue of dancing Shiva at the offices of Cern in Switzerland. (Note the 666 hidden in the logo) Shiva in this form of Nataraj is said to cause destruction when his third eye opens. The Brahma Kumaris believe that the symbolic meaning of this Dancing Shiva, is when we all open our third eyes, become bodiless, i.e. aware of the soul, we will start to vibrate as such high frequencies that the old world will indeed finish and a new world can begin.

This consciousness of being eternal beings of light, which take on bodies, is quite familiar to many, at least as a concept, but in practice is one of the most radical transformations that can occur in someone’s consciousness.

People who have had DMT experiences, speak of going through a tunnel, which removes all ego, and brings a radical new perspective of the self. I highly recommend watching the whole video if you haven't already.

Soul consciousness is somewhat like a natural experience of this. When at age 17 I first heard someone explain to me that I was a soul and not a body, it was like a road to Damascus moment. Everything I thought meaningful dropped away. Art, culture, and activism, travel, all seemed empty, to know the self, the advice of Socrates, seemed the only worthwhile pursuit.

Soul consciousness is somewhat like a natural experience of this. When at age 17 I first heard someone explain to me that I was a soul and not a body, it was like a road to Damascus moment. Everything I thought meaningful dropped away. Art, culture, and activism, travel, all seemed empty, to know the self, the advice of Socrates, seemed the only worthwhile pursuit.

What did he mean? Did he mean, to stare your only ugliness in the face and not rationalize your own hypocrisy and folly, and face the blind spots which others often politely tolerate. To recognize the mundane and ever striving content of your own consciousness. Perhaps.

Or did he mean, to find your specialty, your unique qualities, personality, history, to sort of revel in your individual preferences, to discover the real you? To recognize your god like mind power to create any reality you wish in the matrix. Design your future? Maybe?

But in the face of eternity, and in comparison, with the brief as a breath existence of the characters we inhabit in this world, to obsess about your individual uniqueness, feels ridiculous.

When saints and philosophers encouraged us to meditate on the self, I’m pretty sure they meant the impersonal self, the observer self, the self before the character and its preferences are born and after it dies. What the Bhagwat Gita called the self or atma which cannot be burnt to destroyed, indivisible.

And in knowing this true self, the secondary additional fleeting nature of all appearances, of the character, the part, the costumes the props, and the stage, all seems less insignificant. It’s like the story of the devotee Narad, who to goes to get his master Vishnu a drink of water but gets side tracked by a woman, gets married, has kids, and then only when a flood wipes it all away does he remember why he had come in the first place.

As I said, when I heard this at 17, it radically changed my whole world. In that same essay I wrote at 15, I had written the words, when we change, the world changes. This as it happened was the motto of the bk’s. It then became ever clearer to me, that any attempt I was making to make the world a better place, was futile as long as the seed of all human vices existed in me. We all like to point the finger at the politicans and the elite, destroying the world with their greed, ego and selfishness, but none of can recognize the seed of the same destroying our own lives. Removing the seed of those vices is the only way you can actually change the whole.

Of course the journey to make this new found awareness, really sink in is a long one, and much like Narad, I got lost going to get that glass of water and still do.

And yet, in one powerful swoop, discovering I was an eternal soul certainly seemed to reduce the capacity to be content with the regular world of career, relationship, romantic, and a whole lot more ambitions. That’s often why people who have entered a spiritual path with sincerity, who then get distracted, are never able to be truly satisfied with a normal life.

If you have had the chance to be close to people who are dying of cancer. I have only experienced this twice up close. In both, it was easy to see them becoming angelic in front of our eyes. As their bodies seemed to pale and become translucent, their personalities and habits also slipped away. They no longer needed to comment, and give energy to opinions. Everyone was forgiven, everything was acceptable. They glowed with love. They were calm.

This obviously didn’t happen over night, but towards the end, you could often feel a switch, and they become sort of saintly.

From the moment we are born, we are dying. But when death is in front of you, either in the form of impending planetary doom, your own death, or even the awareness that the whole thing is dead already, the only living thing in this whole illusive matrix, is you. It does create a sense of being far away. And far away from the world, means you are close to eternal self.

I believe this experience of true self, is the high vibrational fuel that turns the cogs of time. And time also helps to turn the cogs of consciousness inside. People are waking up daily, spurred by their disinterest in a world that no longer has fragrance of freedom and joy.

We never know when death will come. the Brahma Kumaris founder used to say to the members back in the 1930’s, this will be your last Diwali. The end is constantly nigh. A lot of us have gone through stages of ignoring the boy who cried wolf, as everyone around seems to carry on, as if there is no iceberg in front of the Titanic.

But I appreciated the warning, as although I’m not impressed with all my life decisions, many were made with a wider perspective of life and time, than most, and I’m happy that I had the chance to put consciousness at the centre of my life.

Many people would consider me maladjusted, even mentally ill. But as Krishnamurti said, it’s not a sign of health to be well-adjusted to a sick society. In the past, people walked away from society to live in caves on remote islands. People have always done radical things in their search for truth or light. These days, the word extreme is considered a terrible insult. But maybe it’s the only way to truly live.

Not extreme in opinions, but extreme in seeing the truth in black and white. You are not a body, you are not a personality, you are not your history, you are not even from this planet, you are just a guest. You are an eternal being, a traveller, with God like purity, peace, love and bliss. You never die and never born, you are just passing through. There is nothing to fear here. This world, as you perceive it, or know it, will end, and will not even be remembered. You will not be remembered. But you will still be. If this is extreme. Then so be it. Lets not be luke warm, at this point in the cycle of time! Om shanti

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