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You Don't Attract What you Want - you Attract What you Are!

This statement shifts your perspective from seeing law of attraction as a way to get ‘stuff’ to seeing it as a tool for understand yourself as a spiritual and vibrational being.

The final scene of ‘The Secret’ film is one of the author/producer Rhonda writing ‘Feel Good’ on the sand with a stick which she then throws joyously into the air. Those words are truly the magic mantra or the key consciousness behind everything that law of attraction and its advocates, messengers are trying to convey.

If you are working too hard on achieving your goals, if it feels like effort, if you feel impatient for results, if you are ‘taking score’, if you are at all dissatisfied with your present, you are not feeling good! And by default you will attract more not feeling good things, more things to make you dissatisfied.

Losing weight is a key example, one that I’ve had plenty of experience with. Its hard not to want something that you’ve wanted for a long time. i.e. to maintain a slim body. But the more I ‘want it’ i.e. the more I’m focused on the lack of it, dissatisfied with my present body, I just magnify my general out of alignment unhappiness, and from that vibration there is no way I can find thoughts and behaviours which will create ‘what I want’. If I am appreciating my body, if I am appreciating healthy food for how it makes me feel, if I appreciate how great it feels to move my body, especially in natural surroundings, if I focus on all the things I love about me, in that state of ‘being’ loving and happy, I start eating better, and my body starts to respond. But if I start taking score, i.e. stepping on the scale, looking for quick results, it’s like the life spits me out of that little bit of heaven, and I’m back struggling with food, weight, body. It's a sometimes frustrating little quirk of the universe, but oh how wonderfully it works to wise us up.

The bottom line is - what you want is really not important, how you feel, i.e. how you are vibrating is everything. People come to Abraham Hicks with all sorts of questions, usually about why they aren’t manifesting the relationship, the job, the body they want. And what is the answer again and again? Changing your vibration, change your feelings, focus on what feels good. They will say it in a 1000 different ways, to make us hear it with new receptive ears. But generally the answer to anyone who is not getting what they want is:

1) Go really general, i.e. think about other things that make you feel good, think butterflies and sunsets. Anything which takes your mind off your frustration and onto something which raises your vibration

2) Start to circle around your topic of interest, but again in a very general way, carefully watching how each thought affects your feelings.

3) When you have built up a momentum of positive thoughts and feelings, otherwise known as being in your ‘vortex’, then you are beginning to see the topic from the ‘eyes of source’, which usually means. To me at least. ‘Yeah, what you want is coming, but hey, I feel so damn good right now, I really don't care when, or how, or you know what, even ‘if’ it comes. I trust the universe knows what is best for me’.

If you attract what you are, then what you ‘are’ should be your crucial focus. How am? What am I feeling? Am I happy? No, ok, then what can I think or do to feel better? Feeling good, is my full time job, but one that I love. I get to think of all the lovely thoughts, and activities I can do to keep my beloved self, in the happiest of moods. Then, it is simply a side benefit that nice things seem to happen to me a lot. Or maybe I just notice and appreciate them more, because I’m in the vibration of appreciation anyway.


For someone who is really fascinated with the law of attraction, I actually spent very little time thinking about what I want, or making vision boards about it, or visualizing it. I’m too busy enjoying focusing on enjoying my current reality. I do have little obsessions from time to time. Like I’ll get obsessed with house buses, or road trips in the USA. But I don't think too much about wanting them. In the sense that there is no feeling of missing that or having to make effort for it, planning for it. It more like looking at a big catalogue and going, oh that’s nice. And knowing that if I did want it I could get it. It’s like filling up my vortex with great stuff and knowing that at some point, at the right moment, the essence of that thing of interest will manifest in some way in my life. In the meantime, I get to enjoy all the great stuff that is in me and in front of me, right now. As Abraham Hicks often says, you need a 1000 more lifetimes to experience all the great stuff that is lined up in your vortex even now. So slow down, you can never get it all done and your never complete.

Note: I wrote this article a while back, I am currently living in an awesome 2 floor house bus by a brook, and off to the USA in May!

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